7 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success

Practiced effectively, marketing is simply a system.

While this may be hard for some business owners to come grips with, like those who feel that “marketing is a strange form of creative voodoo thinking,” marketing is not only a system—it may be the most important system in any business.

Want to learn more?   Download our free:  7 Core Steps.  This guidebook outlines the simple, effective and affordable Duct Tape Marketing System. Time and time again we have seen businesses that appreciate and implement this approach to marketing grow in a consistent and predictable manner.

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New Services to Offer You

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Our goal at Finao Advisors is to constantly be improving our services and expanding the value that we bring to our customers.  To that end, we recently found a program that I have adopted as a sales and marketing tool myself.  I was so impressed with it, we decided to formalize a relationship with the manufacturer– […]

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How Do You Run Your Business


On a recent trip to Africa on a photo safari we were relaxing and taking in the sites of so many wild animals up close and personal. It was during one of those trips out into the wild and photographing a pride of Cheetahs that it occurred to me ….do we let the circumstances around […]

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